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I recently attended the BIF 2017 conference and spent two days fully immersed in other peoples' success stories, goals, visions, innovations, and life-changing moments. After that conference I felt so invigorated to launch into my passions and find my own way to change the world.

Unfortunately, searching for that passion, that purpose, led me to realize that I have so much more exploring to do before I reach that point of enlightenment.

I am a graphic designer and artist and have been so for over 10 years. Design is something that stimulates me, that puts bread on the table, and that offers me something new to learn every day. But to think that my entire reason for being revolves around design simply isn't true. I have so many other likes and interests (Netflix, included) that for me to commit to this one craft indefinitely makes me a bit worried and anxious.

This place, where I share my work, my observations, and my passion will be an area where I choose to document that journey. I have created portfolios of work before where they get updated every time I'm applying for a new job or role, but that has not served a proper purpose in my life.

Instead, I would like to make this a space where I can share my work with you, and also my thoughts and discoveries. Sometimes they will be about design, other times not. I look forward to seeing where this path leads and to look back at this post from a place of more fulfilling understanding.

Thank you for joining.


Nicole Nelson