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aim higher...

I recently rode the Skyfari at the San Diego Zoo. I was in the company of toddlers and young children who couldn't contain their excitement of soaring above the park, higher than they had ever been before. I'm going to be honest, as excited as I was, I was still a bit frightened.

From that vantage point, however, you get to see all the best parts of the zoo in a seamless image. While my worry focused on how thin the cables holding the flamingo decal-ed car were, my curiosity and adventure overshadowed it. There, looking at the big picture, is where I like to be.

In design, my favorite part of the job is the problem solving, the collaboration, and the ability to take even the largest, most complex messages and boil it down to one amazing, seamless, and awesome solution. To step away from the granular details and provide the customer with a clear vantage point.

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming. But if you trust the process, you can achieve amazing results. I invite you to take a look at my work here and reach out with any questions or even just "hello". I look forward to hearing from you. Maybe we can even work on a project or two.


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